It is very easy to place a Free listing on Hotels Network. You can list a tourist property, public attraction, tour guide, rent a car and other tourist related services and places. VIP listings have separated directory which appears on the main page. For both listings you must go to „List your place“ on top right of page.

When you open the form you’ll be asked for exact category of the business you list. You will see several options there, choose yours and continue entering the a name in title field. Do not write the name and the city in this field.

The next large text area allows you to describe your business as is should. Share useful information for your visitors, your services, prices and more.

Add photos to your listing. First image will be your preview picture in the directories. Do not upload small, croped or images larger than 1 mb. Exactly 8 files in standard .JPG, .PNG, and .GIF formats are allowed. Do not upload files without clear copyrights. You are responsible for your listings info and media.

Sellect your county, region and city. You must write a actual street adress. Next field is also immportant. Place the phone number of your reception or business manager. Try writing it in international code format exp: (+359 is Bulgaria).

Next are several checkboxes for amenities which your business offer. By checking them you will provide more details which your visitors need to know. Travel agencies, rent-a-car companies has additional text fields describing their services.

Finaly you are ready to publish. If you are not a registered you can still edit the listing. Register if you want full access to your ad.