Premium profiles are visible everywhere in the catalog. From the main page, search results or the categories, they get all the attention of the visitors. You can make you ad premium very easy.Just email us with the plan you like and we will do the rest. The premium accounts lasts for one year ($65) and permanent ($160).

Frequently feautured business on main page has advantage of showing to all catalog visitours. This option lasts for minimum one week or till other business replace (push) you add hiding it. It cost $28 for minimum one period (week).

Sending mass emails, newsletters, promos etc. We can send personal (html or plan text) messages to registered visitors, promoting business, services, places and more. You can get detailed information about this service if you cantact with us.

Advanced profiles can upload more info, photos and videos. They can be only permanent. It cost ($99).

Banner advertisement on top of every page. There are week ($16) and month ($60) periods. There is one ad slot on the bottom of search blocks in all internal pages of the site. Week price is only $8. Your ads will be placed rotated with other partners advertising with banners. View ratio is 1/3 every third guest will see your banner. Material costs are not included. Prices has no additional fees and they are relevent to the visits and views of the catalog.